These meetings provide a valuable opportunity for you to meet and discuss, in person, your daughter’s progress at Tayyibah with their Tutor and other staff. There is also an opportunity to give updates on academic activities at Tayyibah and timely reminders for the preparation for GCSEs or A Levels.

Students are expected to attend the meetings with their parents.

Making the Best Use of Parents’ Meetings

All parents are strongly encouraged to attend Parents’ Meetings, for they provide an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress, to find out more about the teaching programme, and to get to know the teachers. Ideally your child is expected to attend the meeting with you.

Some schools restrict the Parents’ Meetings to an interview with the Tutor. We strongly believe that there is very real value in being able to meet subject teachers, but to accommodate this programme each interview has to be restricted to a maximum of five minutes. The following suggestions are aimed at helping parents to make the best use of this time:

Before the evening:

  • Look at your Child’s progress via My Child at School (MCAS)

  • Read again the most recent school reports. This may help you to identify important points for discussion and to decide which teachers you particularly wish to see. Bring these with you to the parents’ meeting.

  • Look at your child’s exercise books. Are there any significant concerns or questions?

  • It is worth reading the school’s policy on homework and reporting to parents contained in this handbook, and on the website, as this may aid your discussions.