School Pledge

“The best of you are those with the best character” (Hadith)

Having good character and manners are key to success in both the worlds. 


We pledge to be RESPECTFUL so that we can learn and grow in peace and harmony.

We strive to develop INNER VIRTUES like honesty, humility, generosity and forgiveness.

We GIVE of our time, resources and energy to support our school and each other.

We HELP OURSELVES by exercising self-control to achieve TOP grades through outstanding work and presentation.

We put EFFORT in all we do.

We are resilient and OVERCOME SETBACKS with courage and determination.

We aim to be active citizens of the UNIVERSE and take care of our environment and those in need.

We STEER others to good and lead by example in our Tayyibah School family and strive to make our world a better place InshaAllah