We at Tayyibah Girls School believe that a school uniform is required as an integral part of school discipline:

  • It looks smart

  • Wears well

  • Contributes a sense of belonging

  • Gives a common purpose

  • Promotes a feeling of pride

We require that all students wear the uniform at all times and we encourage them to maintain a good standard of clean and tidy dress in school. Parents are expected to fully co-operate in this regard by ensuring their daughter attends school in full uniform.

The uniform material can be bought from the school.

The uniform is:

  • Green and white checked kameez

  • Plain green shalwar

  • Black cardigan

  • White head scarf

  • Flat black shoes. High heels are strictly forbidden.

  • Trainers must be brought in on PE days for outdoor activities

  • Make-up is forbidden

  • Jewellery is forbidden with the exception of a watch and ear stud.

  • Make up is NOT allowed

When entering and leaving the school students are required to wear a plain black jilbaab/ abaya.