Mission Statement

 “Our mission is to provide education to the highest possible standards in an Islamic environment, encouraging excellence, discipline and the quest for knowledge.”

At Tayyibah we aim to:

• Assist our pupils to achieve the very best they are capable of achieving.

• Continue to develop and improve the essential literacy, numeracy and ICT skills of the pupils.

• Improve their social skills so that they are fully prepared for the next stage of their education and of their role as responsible adults.

• Ensure that all pupils and staff feel part of a whole learning community where it is safe to learn and feel included, valued and respected.

• Ensure pupils aim high, are proud of their achievement and leave school believing in themselves, their abilities and their capacity to grow and change.

School Ethos & Philosophy 

At Tayyibah we believe that education in an Islamic environment means instilling self-discipline and self-respect in to our pupils. We believe that we should inculcate good character within ourselves to reap true success in this life and in the hereafter.

To promote this we try our utmost best to:

• Provide a caring, safe and orderly environment for girls to develop their educational skills and practice Islam.

• Ensure that the pupils receive a broad and balanced education according to the national curriculum in an Islamic environment.

• Educate pupils with the teachings of Islam in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah.

• Discipline the pupils in a firm yet reasonable manner.

• Teach the pupils to show respect to all staff, visitors and each other.

• Encourage each pupil to develop an Islamic character leading to good morals and manners.

• Teach each individual to be honest and truthful.

• Promote British values of democracy, rule of law, liberty, tolerance, and mutual respect as well as preparing our young women for life in modern Britain.