How is RSE and Relationship Education taught at Tayyibah Girls School?

Tayyibah Girls’ School believes that teaching RSE and RE is essential for students in the hope that they can learn how best to navigate through the complexities of interpersonal relationships.  Relationships can be filled with challenges, with a variety of ups and downs being experienced throughout a person’s lifetime.

At Tayyiba, we want pupils to develop positive strategies that will hopefully enable them to have, enter into and maintain happy, healthy and positive relationships from adolescence through to adulthood.

Through the RSE and RE curriculum, we hope that pupils can use the knowledge they acquire to make important decisions about their wellbeing, health and relationships.

We hope that pupils will feel better equipped to make sound decisions when facing risks, challenges and complex situations.

The topics covered in the RSE and RE curriculum can help pupils to know how and when to ask for help and access support.

Tayyibah Girls School believes that the evidence-based, age-appropriate teaching of RSE and RE can enable us to promote the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental and physical develop of pupils.

At Tayyibah Girls School we have chosen to implement a curriculum specially designed by, The Association of Muslim Schools (AMS), a curriculum which is:

  1. Faith based with a clear Islamic narrative
  2. Has been checked thoroughly by renowned scholars
  3. Inline with statutory guidance
  4. Designed to be taught in a manner that parents agree with and feel confident that the content is being delivered in a sensitive manner