Tayyibah Girls School offers a range of information, advice and guidance to assist pupils in making well informed and realistic decisions about their future options and careers.  The School will take a holistic approach and strive to expose the pupils to a range of information via different media to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Developing themselves through career and work-related education

  • Learning about careers and the world of work

  • Developing career management and employability skills

The programme is started in the Primary School, to enable pupils to engage at an early stage and to prepare them to investigate and explore the vast array of opportunities open to them.

Parents/carers will also be involved in the process so that they can assist, support and motivate their daughter to make well informed and realistic decisions.

Careerometer (LML for all)

Use the Careerometer to access labour market information.  You can use this to compare different jobs, salary, working hours etc. Click the dotted area below to get started. 

Useful Careers Websites

Career Pilot (Website showing Careers based on subject specialism)