Visit to Hampton Court Palace

On the 5th of May Year 9 and Year 10 pupils went to visit Hampton Court Palace. The Palace was enormous and there were many things to see. We did not have time to view everything but we had a fascinating time in the Tudor kitchens, apartments and maze. Pupils were intrigued by the Tudor kitchens and conducted a thorough research for their school trip activities. Henry VIII’s kitchens at Hampton Court Palace were the largest of Tudor England during those times. Pupils participated in a couple of competitive activities. In the first activity pupils had to complete a worksheet by finding the answers in the kitchens and apartments. Pupils worked really hard and took much interest in searching for the answers. The second activity required pupils to find their way out of the maze within 5 minutes. The winners of these activities will be announced in class since there were many names amongst the winners.   Congratulations to all the pupils for participating. JazakAllaah khair to all the teachers, parents and students who were involved.