Children’s Mental Health Week

This year, the theme of Children’s Mental Health Week is ‘Let’s Connect’. Students celebrated this occasion in various ways across the school.
‘Let’s Connect’ is a theme that encourages students to look inwardly and think about their own personal connections. Primary students made paper chains where each individual student made separate links in the chain, thinking about the ways they connect with one another.
Some secondary classes made posters reflecting the theme while others participated in a postcard activity. During this activity, students were given blank postcard templates where they would design half of the postcard with all of their most important connections. Students would then swap and be given a postcard with the aim of completing the other half. However, they had to complete it by connecting their half to the first half so that the finished product looked like one, cohesive design.
In Years 9-11, students were a credit to themselves by showing a great level of maturity and respect for one another during the talking sessions. Students were able to talk openly about the various connections they have and were empathetic enough to understand that there are some sections of society who have missing connections, resulting in a feeling of loneliness.
Year 10 students designed some amazing leaflets and information guides to advise  students who may experience feelings of isolation.