World Hijab Day at TGS

World Hijab Day, observed annually on February 1st, invites us to explore and respect the diverse practices and cultures around the globe. It’s a day dedicated to fostering understanding and celebrating the choices and rights of women who wear the hijab

Alhamdulilah, our Islamic Studies department held a World Hijab Day workshop for secondary pupils. As part of the workshop, pupils were asked, ‘Why do you wear the hijab?’.

The response from pupils shows the confidence, sisterhood and strong Islamic identity nurtured at Tayyibah Girls’ School.

Alhamdulilah, pupils shared their love for Allah in following His commands and hope for jannah mashallah. Many pupils shared their pride and sense of identity; it is testament to our strong ethos that our young daughters can celebrate the key symbol of our faith in a nurturing environment.