Equaliteach Workshop

The year 5 and 6 students took part in the equaliteach workshop. The workshop helps equip young people with an understanding of what stereotyping means   and the dangers of stereotypes:

• provide young people with an opportunity to consider their opinion, where they get their information from and how opinions are formed

• help young people to recognise that information in the media, online or from family and friends can sometimes be biased or false

• help young people to think critically about the information they receive, to build resilience to approaches from negative groups and to reject prejudice and hate

The workshop begins with a fun, small group activity called ‘Dinner Party’ which introduces young people to the concept of stereotyping. Pupils’ assumptions about others are highlighted and they learn that they cannot know what someone is like just from a small amount of information about them.

The workshop went  on to explore where we get out ideas from and through a range of activities pupils look at how information may not be true.

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