Shakespeare Week is a national annual celebration giving primary school children a great first encounter with Shakespeare.

We celebrated Shakespeare’s week by encouraging pupils to partake in dressing up as characters from Shakespeare’s texts. All participants learnt key quotes and shared with their class. They were also ‘hot seated’, that is they were questioned about their role within the texts, this was carried out to test their understanding of the characters they were portraying.

Pupils also covered Shakespeare’s texts in the autumn term; therefore this participation enhanced their learning and appreciation of Shakespeare as a great Playwright.

We were hoping to award prizes to each class by selecting a winner, as the students showed immense enthusiasm on this day.

Characters pupils dressed up as:

  • Witches from Macbeth (otherwise known as The Weird Sisters)
  • Othello
  • Romeo
  • Juliet
  • Tybalt
  • MariaNurse
  • Sebastion/ Viola
  • Cesario/Viola

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