Year 9 Guardian Workshop

Year 9 visited the Guardian Newspaper for a workshop on making a news paper fron sheet. Students reported the news as it happens and encounter the real-life experience of making a newspaper front page. Students take on the roles of both reporters and editors and research and write news stories using the day’s breaking news feed. As the day progresses they sub-edit the stories, write headlines, choose photographs and produce their page. They learn how stories are structured, editorial decisions are reached and how the news is made.




Testimonials from students:

1) Nancy Saqr “This was the best trip ever. The workshop was informative and it helped us to produce our own articles. I’ve already used what we learnt there in today’s SPAG lesson”.

2) Nusaybah Noor “The workshop was interactive and fun; it helped us to develop our writing skills and creativity”.

3) Nur Aricogiv “Interesting, educational, and a lot of fun. We learnt to make our own front sheets for newspapers and write the articles. It was awesome!”

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